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2005-May-30, 11:04 PM

I am presently going through your links listing (there are so many good sources of information) and thought I'd let you know about some dead links. If you would prefer to receive this information by another means, please let me know. I plan to go through the other sections thoroughly too.

At the moment, I have gone through the "General Aerospace" section.
Monday, May 30, 2005, 4pm Pacific Daylight Time

"Atlantis Aerospace" does not seem relevant to the theme of the "Universe Today" site. It seems to be a resort, nothing to do with astronomy or aerospace.

"AV Canada" has a new URL; perhaps you should update your link as well, since the re-direct page might not be up for much longer.

"Berlin Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance" doesn't seem valid

"College of Aeronautics" did not work

"Connecticut Aviation and Space Council" not valid

"Johnson Engineering" not valid

"LAER" not valid

"Model Rockets by Impulse Aerospace, Inc." not valid

"Space Transportation" is under construction

"Space Vacuum Epitaxy Centre" has changed its URL, you should update your link as well

"Vega" has changed its URL, you should update your link as well