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2005-Jun-14, 06:59 PM
:( Hi Fraser,
I have just been looking through the site and posting a reply or two when I realised the member numbers of the UT postees. Is there a numbered list anywhere on the site to show the other members. I ask this because I was trying to spot someone with a lower member number than mine.

2005-Jun-14, 08:59 PM
members list
50 names per page
acending order

page one you are there

48th person to sign up :P

2005-Jun-15, 11:13 AM
No piersdad, the rest 48 members are in the que, the jsc248 got the priority :rolleyes:

come on jsc don't bother about your number the UT administrators are taking cognizance of your postings.


2005-Jun-15, 12:02 PM
:D Hey Suntrack2
The reason I made the posting was just to see who the first 47 were! I am not concerned with my number or my postings. I have been a signed up member of Universe Today for many years and Fraser has really helped me with my studies with related stories from the UT site.
I would just liked to have seen "who got there first", for no other reason that I am interested and that is all.
I hope this clears this up!

2005-Jun-17, 12:45 AM
The reason I made the posting was just to see who the first 47 were!

Yeah, and I want to find out who the previous 1993 were! :lol: :P :rolleyes:

2005-Jun-17, 08:01 AM
To see the full list of members first go here. (http://www.universetoday.com/forum/index.php?act=Members&max_results=10&sort_key=posts&sort_order=desc) Then at the bottom of the page change the settings (in the drop down menus) to:

Showing: All members by Join Date in ascending order with 50 results per page.