View Full Version : Starting to implement the new design

2005-Jun-16, 06:59 PM
Hey folks, I'm starting to implement the new website design that I've been mulling over for the last few months. Check out the homepage, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. My goal here is to develop something much simpler and straight to the news. I've also got a full list of articles over on the right-hand side of the page, and that will probably be visible on every page of the site from here on out.

Anyway, let me know if you see any bugs, or want to offer any suggestions, I'm all ears.

2005-Jun-16, 07:12 PM
At first glance, it looks very nice. Simple, nice white background, easy on the eyes, fast load time (unlike NS-Space). It'll take me a few times to get completely used to navigating it, but I like it.

There does seem to be a quirk in the script that generates the recent forum threads. When I looked most of them pointed to the same thread.

2005-Jun-16, 07:58 PM
I'm just doing a mass update right now, and then I'll fine tune little pieces until I'm happy. This version of the design is way, way easier for me to maintain and update, so in the end... that's all that really matters. :-)

2005-Jun-16, 08:09 PM
At first glance I had to click the Refresh button to make sure I was on the right page! :ph34r: :o :P :D ;)

Seriously, not bad....keep up the good work - keep it coming! ;) B) :)

2005-Jun-16, 08:17 PM
The forum and website CSS styles are battling one another. Expect a lot of dust in the next few days.

2005-Jun-16, 08:24 PM
I'm seeing the changes all over the place. It looks good.
At the moment the actual forum posts still have the old look, but just about everything else is updated.

2005-Jun-16, 08:31 PM
The actual design of the forum posts themselves probably isn&#39;t going to change. That&#39;s down near the bottom of my to-do list. My big problem is to figure out a way to enable <?php includes so I can put that cool list of stories in the sidebar.

Ola D.
2005-Jun-16, 09:58 PM
The new design looks nice and neat. The homepage and forum look better without the ads at the side. B)

2005-Jun-17, 12:31 AM
I really love this new layout, Fraser&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33; :D It&#39;s really an enormous improvement&#33;&#33; Everything is so clear & FRESH&#33; The new font size is spectacular & sooooo much easier to read now - I even took my reading glasses off to read a page&#33;&#33;

I like the idea of putting the headlines of previous stories & the forum topics all down one side of the page - it makes it really easy to see things&#33;

I only wish the posts on the actual forum were as easy to read, then I wouldn&#39;t have to increase the size of the font&#33;

2005-Jun-17, 07:17 AM
Wow&#33; This new design is great, at first I thought I was on the wrong site like StarLab, keep up the good work Fraser&#33;

2005-Jul-09, 09:27 AM
Well I have something to say - can you make the background of the site with strong colours / white :P /, not default - see what I mean:


For people using default win/lnx colours it would be OK, but it looks odd here ;)

Great site otherwise, love it.