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2005-Jun-20, 04:45 PM
SUMMARY: When NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft smashes into Comet Tempel 1 in about 2 weeks, every instrument on Earth and in space will be watching carefully. One spacecraft, the European Space Agency's Rosetta, was built to visit a different comet, so it has a suite of instruments designed for this very job. Rosetta will be 80 million km (50 million miles) away from the comet when it collides with Deep Impact, and will watch the resulting puff of debris in various wavelengths.

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2005-Jun-20, 05:23 PM
This is really cool. I had forgotten that Rosetta might be well placed to observe this encounter. The comments in this article about dwell time remind me, however, that some of the ideas that some alternative theorists had about how this mission might distinguish between certain theories may not be testable. We will not know within a fraction of a second when certain parts of the spectrum were emitted during this event.

2005-Jun-21, 02:50 AM
Is viewing Deep Impact with Rosetta an advantage just because it's another set of eyes, or because its eyes are better suited to watch "comet stuff" (is its instrumentation like similar to that of Deep Impact since its mission is of the same nature?).