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2005-Jun-23, 11:05 AM
As the 2005 is a year of physics and Einstien's Year, in this connection, i found one article in the Hitwada newspaper of 84 year old student Mr. Parikh, whoes teacher were Mr.Einstein, they recall the memories, so i feal to show that paper cutting to you for your reading hence attached here,


2005-Jun-24, 11:35 AM
I'm surprised! Einstein used to teach Quantum Mechanics??? !!!

2005-Jun-24, 01:19 PM
Yes Rahul, Einstein did teach QM. Actually, long before the branch of QM was started , he along with Wander Johannes de Haas discovered an effect which is called einstein de hass effect. Here , if you suspend an iron rod in between a solenoid, the magnetic moments of individual atoms get aligned in one direction and the rod rotates in net opposite direction due to " law of conservation of angular momentum". I tried the experiment at home but then came to know tht the effect is too low in magnitude that you need a lot of sophistication to observe the effect.


is the site where you would find einstein listed amongst the founders of QM. Should see the above site for more info on QM.

Einstein highlighted the particle nature of light in his theory of Photoelectric effect .

The theory of light quanta was a strong indication of wave-particle duality, the concept, used as a fundamental principle by the creators of quantum mechanics, that physical systems can display both wave-like and particle-like properties. A complete picture of the photoelectric effect was only obtained after the maturity of quantum mechanics.

Above is an extract from the sub-link of the link i had mentioned earlier!

2005-Jun-25, 02:56 AM
have to tell you this one.
A year ago I was visited by a gentleman who wanted to borrow a few tools as he was fixing up his daughters electronic piano.
As his daughter lived over the road I said ok and even helped him to repair the electronic piano.
over a cuppa i found out that he was the same age as me and

the great grand son of albert einstein
we had a lot more coffees
It was like time travel as he looked and acted just like his great grand dad.
we had many conversations about science and physics befor he went home to europe some where