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2005-Jul-01, 07:49 AM
The proposed membrane theory of gravitation is of type Kaluza-Klein with non-compactified fourth spatial dimension and delivers Newton’s law of gravitation in a direct way and explains light bending, Shapiro effect and perihelion advance of Mercury with the same accuracy as the GR. There is no reason to believe that the speed of gravity is greater than the speed of light. From the point of view of the proposed Cosmic Membrane Theory the General Relativity of Albert Einstein is a projection of the 4-dimensional space into the 4-dimensional spacetime. The constant moc2 replaces the constancy of c. Spontaneous creation of matter seems to be possible, because the resistance of the existing matter inside the membrane is producing a great amount of energy. A new cold dark matter candidate (CDM) is presented. It is a thickening of the cosmic membrane caused by ordinary matter leading to a long-reaching violation of the 1/r-potential.


can anyone know about it.......

2005-Jul-04, 02:46 AM
It is a thickening of the cosmic membrane caused by ordinary matter leading to a long-reaching violation of the 1/r-potential. What could thickening of the cosmic membrane possibly mean?

2005-Jul-04, 07:48 AM
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can u give me animation explaining m-theory

2005-Jul-04, 12:56 PM
can u give me animation explaining m-theoryNot really. I have not accepted that m-theory is viable. My previous question was more semantical that theoretical. If I understand branes (membranes) we are talking about n-1 surface analogues of n-dimensional geometries where n is greater than 3 not including time. Since I am unable to comprehend this, I stick to 3 Euclidean dimensions of space and "pretend" that no other spatial dimensions exist. To speak of a surface thickening violates the definition and concept of my limited comprehension of "surface".

In an equally wild bit of speculation I am toying with a concept which I am incapable of adequately describing. For now I refer to it as space compactification, (thickening?) athough I choke on the oxymoronism. It may be better dealt with as Higgs field compactification within Euclidean 3-space as a support for the Shmoo version of the Higgs field. The Shmoo interacts with Euclidean 3-space to produce non-Euclidean energy manifestations and paths including quantum states that, among other things, allows gravity to be a higher order time derivative of geometry mediated by mass as a lower order time derivative assuming non-continuous (quantum) functions can have derivatives. Charge and sub-charge, if such exists, would be yet lower order time derivatives of 3-space.