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2005-Jul-01, 04:12 PM
SUMMARY: Hi folks, it's Canada Day today here, so I'm taking the day off . Universe Today will be back on Monday with plenty of fresh space news.

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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2005-Jul-01, 04:12 PM
Yay Canada!

2005-Jul-01, 04:15 PM
Universe Today will be back on Monday with plenty of fresh space news
including Deep Impact results!

2005-Jul-01, 04:18 PM
happy Canada day fraser.

2005-Jul-01, 05:24 PM
From some old black and white movies of cowboys and Mounties to those magnificent color scenes of mountains and meadows in Dr. Zhivago that simulated the Russian interior to some people I've met and a couple of glimpses from the plane on flights to Europe when passing over from Chicago, Canada has seemed a grand and grandly beautiful place to me.

Happy Canada Day Fraser!

(My poor, asthmatic lungs couldn't handle the cold of the dark half of the year, though, so its not so inviting that I would want to live there.)

John L
2005-Jul-01, 08:56 PM
I flew into Tornto a few years back on Canada Day, and the very nice girl at the customs counter gave me a nice Canada flag pin. I keep a map in my office pinned everywhere that my job has taken me (nearly 300 pins now), and that Canada flag pin marks my trip to Toronto.

Happy Canada Day!

2005-Jul-01, 09:05 PM
Yeah, Toronot rocks - I cannot say anything about British Columbia though 'cause I've never been there. :(

Anyway, Happy Canada Day!

2005-Jul-01, 10:01 PM
BC an Vancouver island are beautiful. July and August are perfect months to go vacationing there as the weather is sunny and warm. I can't say as much for the ocean temperatures though.

2005-Jul-01, 10:02 PM
Just be careful of those runaway ferrys!

2005-Jul-01, 11:00 PM
Reminds me, I have to call a friend.

2005-Jul-01, 11:53 PM
w00t Canada! Happy Canada Day to the true north, strong, and free!

Dan from Rochester, NY
2005-Jul-02, 01:57 AM
Happy Canada Day!! from your appreciative neighbor on the south side of the Lake.

2005-Jul-03, 09:13 AM
Happy Canada day, from Down Under :-)