View Full Version : POEM: THE STARS IN THE SKY

2005-Jul-09, 04:50 PM
The stars in the sky

I wait for evening everday
to watch universetoday and to
see the moonlight in the sky

moon is not alone in the sky
full moon gives me a plenty of joy

all bright stars are guys
moon is not alone because
there are stars in the sky to accompany
being a friends, brothers and sisters in the sky

the stars are so beautiful
and wearing a pearls on it
crores are looks like a diamond
of the mine, moon witness it with a cold smile

the stars in the sky are the real enjoyment
of all of us,
stars(members) are the invaluable jwells
in the crown of UNIVERSE TODAY

stars in the sky are so pleasant
and miraculous wink and splendid
Soulstirring of love and prosperity

"i too wishing love and prosperity
of universe today".

a poem by sunil deshpande

2005-Aug-13, 02:05 AM
some very nice imagery, sunil :)
thank you for sharing it with us.