View Full Version : Doctor Who, what!

2005-Jul-10, 08:12 AM
I remeber comming home from school and being terified by the dalects' Distroy the humans'. I dident think It would ever be back, It had its moment in the spotlight. I was wrong. The slightly off beat science fiction, and the exitment of a serial. This time its got a atractive blond, all the aliens you could ask for including those dastardly dalects...,and the Doctor. Good stuff(stough) Can any of you remember the Avengers, with Stead and Emma Peal. The same type of slightly off beat science fiction was often part of the story line as with the new Doctor Who. Not so much balievable but still good fun. The British have always done this stough well. Only lost in space came near to this type of sci fi. what do ya all think?
What have they done to Enterprise, Its become a serial. Just like lost in space, and Doctor who. I still dont think they should have gone back to the pre Kirk Enterprise. Comments? invited.