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2005-Jul-15, 03:46 PM
SUMMARY: The Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) achieved a new milestone this week when it made its first observations. APEX consists of a 12-metre telescope designed to view the Universe at submillimeter wavelengths: a part of the radio spectrum especially useful for viewing colder objects. APEX is the same instrument that will eventually go into the much larger ALMA project, which will consist of at least 64 of these telescopes, arrayed to function as a single instrument.

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2005-Jul-15, 03:55 PM
I'm looking forward to seeing what this array will show us. There will definitely be some new science revealed.

2005-Jul-21, 09:49 PM
The regions of the universe that this - and ALMA - will probe are among the most exciting in observational cosmology ... and all for a price far less that the JWST!

(of course, as is so often the case in modern astronomy, the two are much more complimentary than overlapping; if either does not go ahead, the outputs from the other will be less valuable).