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2005-Jul-26, 04:56 PM
SUMMARY: After being grounded for more than two years, NASA's shuttle fleet has returned to service with today's dramatic launch of the space shuttle Discovery. It lifted off right on schedule, at 1439 UTC (10:39 am EDT), and quickly sped up through the light clouds above the Kennedy Space Center. More than 100 cameras were watching the launch from every available angle, and NASA will be examining the photographs carefully to see if any debris fell off the tank and struck the shuttle. Discovery will now link up with the International Space Station in a couple of days.

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2005-Jul-26, 07:47 PM
No comments yet? OK, let me be the first:

:D :D :D Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaa!

Live the moment...

2005-Jul-26, 07:59 PM
I'm glad it's up there. It will be interesting to see what the debris that fell from the shuttle on lift-off was.

2005-Jul-26, 08:20 PM
Nothing better than starting off the day with my cat, a bowl of cork flakes & honey, and a successful human space launch. It was exciting to see the quality of video provided by the external tank camera.

Fari, Can
2005-Jul-26, 11:40 PM

Congratulation to the human achievement... hope everything will be good with that ...

2005-Jul-27, 08:07 AM
I've just read that some debris has come off the external fuel tank hitting the underside of the shuttle and affecting one of the heat shield tiles. We won't find out how significant this is until day three of the mission. Fingers crossed folks.

2005-Jul-27, 08:24 AM
Apparantly, the tip of the shuttle's external fuel tank also hit a bird as it launched, as reported by the BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4719847.stm

I bet that bird had the suprise of its life!!!

Manchurian Taikonaut
2005-Jul-27, 11:06 AM
I'm glad NASA has been able to put the American people back in Space

it is great news

However I hope it all goes safely

heat shield took a hit ?
http://www.spaceflightnow.com/shuttle/sts1...4/050726images/ (http://www.spaceflightnow.com/shuttle/sts114/050726images/)
this time is that we know about the possible damage

Manchurian Taikonaut
2005-Jul-27, 11:36 AM
Everything might be ok

launch pad cameras caught a bird hitting the external tank after blastoff,
this was a relatively low-speed collision so it caused no obvious damage to the shuttle.

Let's hope everything is good