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2005-Jul-27, 05:25 PM
SUMMARY: NASA has confirmed that the space shuttle Discovery launched safely into orbit yesterday. During their 12-day mission to the International Space Station, Commander Eileen Collins and 6 other astronauts will test a series of techniques and equipment designed to make the shuttles safer. The crew of Discovery will spend seven hours today examining every inch of the shuttle with a camera attached to its robotic arm to look for any damage. The shuttle is expected to dock with the space station on Thursday.

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2005-Jul-28, 06:36 AM
its wonderful that they were able to go back in Space

but NASA has just grounded the space shuttle program while engineers determine the effects of debris falling
http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/space/07/27/s...ttle/index.html (http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/space/07/27/space.shuttle/index.html)

2005-Jul-28, 08:19 AM
I'm really glad they made a safe take off & got into orbit safely. :)

There are still problems however with the falling of foam from the exterior tank during take off. Though it didn't cause any problems during take off the crew are now examining the underside as well as the leading edges of the wings & the nose of their ship. it seems that they haven't detected any damage as of yet but the crew of the ISS will film the underside of the shuttle as it comes close to them. This film will be analized on Earth to ascertain wheather there has been any damage or not. They are now in the process of analizing the video footage of take off to try to dicover where the foam fell off & if it poses a risk to the ship & crew on reentry in 10 days time.