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2005-Jul-29, 04:12 PM
SUMMARY: Scaled Composite's Burt Rutan and entrepreneur Richard Branson announced this week that they have created a new company that will create a fleet of suborbital spacecraft. This new company will own the designs for SpaceShipTwo and its White Knight Two carrier aircraft. The company will manufacture the vehicles, and then sell them to suborbital spaceline operators, like Virgin Galactic.

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2005-Jul-29, 06:16 PM
this is a historical moment!we will remember this day as the first comercialy available space operator was founded. one giant step for all mankind

2005-Jul-29, 06:58 PM
Yeah, that's good news!

2005-Jul-30, 12:40 PM
Like Odin, above, I believe this is an important moment in our "conquest" of space "The Ultimate Frontier". If we are ever to get our feet off of this "3rd rock from the Sun" then we need pioneers like Richard & Burt to make spaceflight available to us all! :) :D Bully for them!!!! :D (& for us all! :P )

2005-Jul-30, 02:03 PM
Well even with the prize money Space ship one wasn,t making a profit. Now Branson is kicking humankind into action, showing that space travel isn't a dead loss.

2005-Aug-01, 04:20 AM
let see if this project makes it past the drawing board... it would be very excitting to see

2005-Aug-01, 06:14 AM
there is a huge difference in speed between sub orbital flight and space travel

suborbital flight is to space flight is as a flying fish is to an eagle

2005-Aug-01, 07:10 PM
True, but we have to start somewhere. When the wright brothers made their historical powered flight, did anyone ever dream that we would have the Airbus 380? So this is a start.

2005-Aug-02, 01:13 AM
To that extent, these guys are trying to build the DC-1 after 3 flights in the Flyer. But I don't think the outlook is so bleek in this case- they've got lots more knowledge and resources at their disposal.

2005-Aug-02, 10:17 PM
rutan has the knowledge and technical ability, and with bransons backing they will crank out as many SpaceshipOne's, twos, threes, etc.. as they want.. plus there will be vast improvements made in safety and technology before these things fly with ordinary citizens in them.. rutan and branson are both master planners, dreamers, and innovators.. not only will this get off the groud, its going to lead us into a whole new era that many arent even thinking about or predicting.. the privatization of space has begun.. my only hope is that NASA wizes up and commissions rutan to build the next shuttle.... his ideas on aerodynamics and unique re-entry, and his use of composites is the direction nasa needs to head.. plus hes got some cool ideas for space stations....

why should we speed our beloved astronaughts at mach 18 through the atmosphere faster than a bullet to get home when there are much safer ways?? i am predicting we see a new approach to it... with a re-entry technique more along the lines of rutan's design for spaceshipone.. i know we would have to slow down the orbiter a whole lot to pull off something like that, but, there has to be a way to do it.. a slowdown burn before re-entry maybe? if the fuel could be stowed.. i dunno.. im rambling im sorry.. i guess using the earths atmosphere as the brake for slowing down the shuttle and capsules is the most efficient way to do it... but it is by no means the safest way to do it.. also i know they already do a re-entry burn.. but they are still moving at dangerous speeds when they hit the atmosphere.. im going to shut up now

2005-Aug-03, 04:10 PM
The slowdown burn would not be such a bad idea if they could develop ways to refuel the spacecraft in orbit. Or to come up with better ways of controlling velocity than the standard way of ejecting burnt gasses through a nozzle. There are developments being studied that involve things such as electrical capacitance type propulsion systems, but they need such a tremendous amount of electrical power for a small amount of thrust that it would be difficult to think of them as being useful within the gravity well of a planet. But as I said, it's a start. At least someone is looking at ways other than the traditional 6000 year old rocket technology.

2005-Aug-03, 09:53 PM
yeh.. i dont know enough about the physics or any of that to say what should be done in any technical aspect, but .. i am imagining a method where on re-entry the craft would basiclly slow down and enter the upper atmosphere at a speed where it could glide or float into natural flight from a slower speed.. instead of the massive friction involved withthe shuttles re-entry.. there are some bright people out there im sure someone already has the plans worked out and in progress