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2005-Aug-08, 04:58 PM
SUMMARY: Greetings fellow SkyWatchers! The week starts off rather special as observers in Alaska get the opportunity to watch the Moon occult Venus and more. The return of the Moon might mean the loss of early evening deep sky studies, but we'll still enjoy lunar features and the timeless dance of its orbital track. Take advantage of every clear night as the Perseid meteor shower gears up for its annual peak on Thursday. Keep your eyes on the skies, because...

Here's what's up!

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2005-Aug-08, 06:54 PM
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=7][COLOR=orange]Well I sure fell for it ; the frud story that is ; 39 million would be really close ; guess i`ll tell everybody to just keep looking and see what really shows up . it`s a really neat tale anyway ; an awful lot of folks have bought in to iT. The proximity of Mars to Moon is making me crazy . Seems that some things should be sacred .

2005-Aug-08, 08:56 PM
Well, don*t feel bad. Since that mis-informed piece appeared in the news, I*ve had a lot of people want to know if it*s true.

How about if we take a look?


Here*s the true scope of the size of our Earth, the Moon, and Mars. For the sake of argument, let*s just say that about the greatest distance our Moon is ever away from us is about a quarter of a million miles (250,000). We see it all the time - We know how big it is*

Now, if Mars comes as close as 39 million (39,000,000) miles away, at about twice the size our our own Moon, it would still be 156 times further away, or 78 times smaller** The way I see it, for Mars to appear as large as the Moon in our sky, it would have to come within a million miles of Earth. And no matter what "they" say...

It ain*t gonna* happen. ;)

Light Speed,