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2005-Aug-09, 05:00 PM
SUMMARY: The Earth suffered a period of heavy bombardment in its early days when the Solar System was swarming with asteroids. Although it would have been catastrophic for you and I, it might have actually been a nice environment for early microbes. This is according to researchers who spent time at Haughton Impact Crater on Devon Island, in the Canadian Arctic. They found many life-friendly features in this "ground zero", including hydrothermal vents, blasted rocks that make cosy microbe homes, and a nice, protected impact basin.

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Thomas E. Vaughan
2005-Aug-09, 09:15 PM
The content of the article is interesting, but the summary contains an error in grammar. The error makes the summary almost painful to read. One ought not write, "for I"; one ought rather to write, "for me".

2005-Aug-09, 10:40 PM
Every day, another little potential piece of the puzzle turns up... :)

The idea that meteor impacts could benefit or even create conditions suitable for the beginning of early life struck Canadian Space Agency geologist Gordon Osinski while he and colleagues were conducting a geological survey of the 24-kilometer (15-mile) diameter Haughton Crater. Along the rim of the crater they noticed what looked like fossilized hydrothermal pipes, a few meters in diameter.
See, that's the thing about ideas...they can just fall from the sky...and strike you... :o
Just remember, it's only an idea....but maybe it's a good one :)