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2005-Aug-09, 05:15 PM
SUMMARY: The space shuttle Discovery returned safely back to Earth this morning, landing at Edwards Air Force Base at 1211 UTC (8:11 am EDT). Poor weather over Florida's Cape Canaveral prevented two landing attempts, so managers decided to switch the landing location to California. This safe landing brought mission STS-114 to a successful conclusion, two and half years after the catastrophic destruction of Columbia. The next shuttle, Atlantis, is scheduled to launch September 22, but it all depends on whether they can resolve the foam shedding problems with Discovery's launch.

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2005-Aug-09, 07:33 PM
It was a beautiful landing, expertly done.

2005-Aug-09, 08:32 PM
Now it's Atlantis' turn! ^_^

2005-Aug-09, 09:57 PM
YES!!!! :D
...thank you, Discovery; thank you NASA;
welcome home, crew... :)

2005-Aug-10, 04:56 AM
Kudos to the Discovery crew and to NASA on a job well done. This mission should go a long way to reassuring the public and some politicians on the competency of NASA and the shuttle program. I was a little surprised on how much media coverage was attributed during the landing constrasted to how little was given after the landing succeeded.
As for the mission, the report card is bittersweet. It was quite remarkable to me the impact the commission's reccomendations had on the mission and how many significant events occured during the mission that were a direct result of those reccomendations. Compare that with what would not have happened or even been possible on the 100+ previous missions and it seems to me quite amazing that only two of them resulted in tragedy. For example, the tank cameras showing large foam chunks breaking off unexpectedly (in a haunting reminder of the previous mission), a small strike on the underbelly of the shuttle that was not anticipated, inspection of the shuttle using the arm and by the ISS, subsequent finding of potentially deadly loose filler material and its subsequent removal, and damage to a blanket protecting the cockpit windows.
Unfortunately the foam issue is a potentially a killer for future missions in the near term until it can be satisfactorily resolved. I am not sure it was adequately addressed before the mission, and it became clear that it is not satisfactorily addressed now. Considering how well everything else went, I hope that a reasonably quick solution to the foam problem can be found.

2005-Aug-11, 02:19 PM
Now it's Atlantis' turn!
There is no target date for the next launch. The fleet is grounded. I thought it was kind of funny that the shuttle fleet was grounded while Discovery was in orbit. That's pretty far from the ground. :o