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2005-Aug-16, 04:08 PM
SUMMARY: NASA's Cassini spacecraft took this image of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, on July 7, 2005. In it, it's possible to see the bright Xanadu region on the moon's right side - where the Huygens probe. Scientists think this area consists of upland terrain that isn't contaminated by the darker material visible in the low lying regions. Near the moon's south pole, Cassini has previously found what looks like a large lake of hydrocarbons.

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2005-Aug-16, 10:04 PM
Is it too soon to get lake front property? :unsure:

2005-Aug-20, 03:36 AM
:lol: probably suitti, but if you did, you might have to sign a "strictly no smoking" agreement or lose your property insurance coverage... :D