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2005-Aug-23, 07:25 PM
SUMMARY: Greetings, fellow SkyWatchers! I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to write to me about this year's Mars apparition and this week we'll look at both the "fact" and the "fiction". Now it's time to start our explorations as we check in on the planets, visit the "Lagoon", have a look at the M25, journey to the "Small Sagittarius Star Cloud", and track down the "Trifid". So, get your telescopes and binoculars ready, because...

Here's what's up!

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2005-Aug-23, 08:33 PM
Oh... you people with telescopes and binoculars have all the fun! :(

I just have to wait here for the brilliant pics you guys put together... :D

2005-Aug-23, 08:44 PM
"In the shuffeling madness... Locomative breath..."

Sure, we have all the fun! But if you read, you'll see that I never forget those who just go out and look. Even if you're just...

"Sitting on a parkbench..."

Besides, anybody that knows Jethro Tull has my vote!

"Cuz' I'm too doobie old, old, old... To rock and roll, ol', ol'. But I'm too young to die!"



2005-Aug-23, 09:32 PM
"Sitting on a parkbench..." Boy! am I glad you didn't finish that line! :P

You just keep doin' whatcha doin', Tammy ... and I'll keep on waiting for the results to come in, and occasionally chalking up another win in my frustratingly slow understanding of the cosmic mystery ... and occasionally carving another notch on my pearl-handled... :D

michael hall
2005-Aug-23, 09:40 PM
To gaze up at the stars with an eye from a mind just out of the tree
to fathom layer after layer
from the gold dust inside of us
born in a stars death billions of years ago
to look upon our prebeginning and ponder
childs eye awe
how could you lose it?