View Full Version : Astrophotography - Where are the pics?

2005-Sep-04, 02:34 PM
Is it just me or are the photos in the Astrophotography section posted before the merger really missing from the posts?

That would be a loss!

I made sure I activated "display images" in my CP "Edit options" menu.

Can anyone help me please?

2005-Sep-04, 02:37 PM
We lost the pictures. :-( I'll see if I can rebuild the threads, but I suspect it's going to be hard to do.

2005-Sep-04, 02:41 PM
Uuuhu, bad news. The best of luck for the rebuliding!! :(

2005-Sep-05, 03:05 AM
how u guys lose the pics.. did t it all transfere from the old database to the merge?

2005-Sep-05, 05:24 AM
Fraser still has access to all the pics so they aren't lost. They just didn't import properly. They should be available again in the next couple of days.

2005-Sep-05, 05:43 AM
kewl its no big deal for me any ways,,,:P