View Full Version : Flying through the Galaxy

2005-Sep-06, 05:12 AM
This (http://media.theage.com.au/?rid=12527&site=age&sy=age&source=theage.com.au%2Fissues%2Fscience%2Findex.ht ml&t=3JHDUM&player=wm6&rate=792&flash=0&ie=0) is a bit of alright. A 50 million light year virtual journey at your computer.

The Bad Astronomer
2005-Sep-06, 05:27 AM
Cool, isn't it? I have several comments:

1) The title on the web page says "Tour of the Solar System". Sigh.

2) Tully says the star in the Crab Nebula is a white dwarf. It's really a neutron star. I'm quite sure he knows that and just made a slip of the tongue! He's actually quite a brilliant scientist.

3) I'm involved with putting together a planetarium show, and we're using a variation on this animation for the show. If you think it's cool on a 4x4 cm screen, wait until you see it in a full-sized dome in ultra-high-resolution with music underneath it. I saw it a few weeks ago, and it was overwhelming. I'll have more info on the show in a couple of months. But I'll say this will be the best planetarium show I have ever seen. And I've seen a few!