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2005-Sep-06, 08:26 PM
SUMMARY: In this photograph taken by Cassini, you can see the faint moon Pandora moving through Saturn's F ring. As a shepherd moon, Pandora and its partner Prometheus confine and shape the main F ring with its gravity. Pandora is 84 kilometers (52 miles) across. This image was taken on August 2, 2005, when Cassini was approximately 610,000 kilometers (379,000 miles) from Pandora.

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2005-Sep-07, 08:12 AM
Hi folks,

to be honest, I do not know what Pandora is in this image. Is it the bright knot in the rings? Or is it the huge dark rock in the upper right corner?
Cause Fraser says in his report:
"Pandora is 84 kilometers (52 miles) across.............when Cassini was approximately 610,000 kilometers (379,000 miles) from Pandora."
Does Cassini have such an enormous Zoom to get Pandora this big in the image, or is it something competely different?