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2005-Sep-07, 07:38 AM
SUMMARY: Physicists have puzzled for more than a century about the nature of time. Why does it go in one direction? Time could go backwards, and physics formulas would still work properly. Researchers from the University of Chicago think they might have an answer: we live in a universe of ever increasing entropy. Instead of one Big Bang going off, and then the Universe expands and cools forever, small fluctuations in nearly empty space could set off new Big Bangs - the Universe would never reach equilibrium.

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2006-Apr-01, 09:17 PM
I think that the reason time exists is some kind of symmetry breaking. Think about this: If all parts of the universe could communicate with all other parts of the universe, wouldn't the universe be not just symmetric, but uniform? I relate this topic to another topic: If all processes were reversible, wouldn't there be a lack of time?

I relate these ideas to each other: If all parts of the universe could communicate with each other, wouldn't all processes be symmetric? Likewise, if all processes were reversible, wouldn't all parts of the universe be able to communicate with each other?

Something must've happened in the dissimilation and assimilation of different parts of the universe to each other that made dissimilation and assimilation fundamentally different, and possibly even asymmetric.

What if the one single field that existed at the big bang promoted one over the other, even if it only happened as a statistical sum?

I hope to hear some very thoughtful answers to this question!