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2005-Sep-07, 10:44 AM
SUMMARY: As you've probably heard, NASA has cancelled a future mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope. This means that Hubble will likely stop functioning in the next few years. If you're interested in convincing NASA to continue missions to Hubble, you'll want to contact your member of congress and encourage them to sponsor H. Res 550. Here's the full text of the resolution. Right now there are 41 members of congress who support the resolution, but organizers want to get to 100 to make an impact. They need to sign the resolution by April 1, 2004. You can call your member of congress by calling the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121. Ask to speak to his or her Legislative Assistant in charge of space policy, and then explain to that person that the congressman should become a cosponsor of H. Res 550.

If you want more Hubble wallpapers, then you need to make the call. :-)

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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