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2005-Sep-07, 01:48 PM
SUMMARY: The unpiloted Progress 18 cargo ship docked with the International Space Station on Saturday, delivering a fresh batch of supplies. The spacecraft nearly connected automatically to the Zvezda Service Module, but Commander Sergei Krikalev had to take over because of communications problems between ground control and the Progress.ship. It's loaded up with food, propellant, oxygen, water, spare parts, and experiment hardware. It also brought along the new camera system that will help astronauts inspect the space shuttle for damage when it docks.

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2005-Sep-07, 01:55 PM
Is the Progress supposed to stay there as a part of the ISS (making it larger), or will it be unlocked? If so, what will happen to it?

I was lucky enough to see (naked eye) the ISS pass over our house (more or less :cool: ) sunday evening. A bright white speck. I guess the addition of Progress made it larger and thus more visible.

2005-Sep-07, 01:59 PM
The Progress keeps docked to the ISS for some time until it is full with garbage or the docking port is needed for another ship. The Progress undocks, makes a de-orbit burn and burns up in the upper atmosphere on re-entry.
They are definitely not used to extend the ISS.