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2005-Sep-07, 04:04 PM
SUMMARY: I've got a bunch of things to talk about, so I'm just going to throw them at you as bullet points.there are now 30,000 subscribers on the newsletter, and nearly 4,000 members in the forum... Wow. Welcome to all the new folks, and thanks to all you longtime subscribers.several people asked, so I've created a subscription feed for Universe Today audio segments. That way you can automatically download them to your computer (or portable player) whenever a new one is available. Subscribe to: universetoday.com/audio.xml. Was that gibberish? Check out ipodder.net for a software application that lets you subscribe to audio programs online.the last 6 stories on Universe Today are completely exclusive to this website. How cool is that?tonight is Yuri's Night, with parties around the world to celebrate the first human spaceflight. Find your local party and join in the festivities.I'm just wrapping up my Spanish class at college, and I'm looking for native speakers to practice with using Skype (a program that lets you make free phone calls over the Internet). Drop me an email at info@universetoday.com and we can schedule some times to chat.Our family is really bored with our current dinner recipes. Got some tasty meal ideas? Send them to me.Thanks!

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

P.S. The associated picture is of my son crawling around on a gravestone that happens to have my name on it. I know, it's kind of eerie. It's actually my grandfather's grave. Logan made a beeline for it when we were at my grandmother's funeral last year. My morbid wife just had it framed.

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