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2005-Sep-07, 05:35 PM
SUMMARY: My question about relativity is fairly straightforward. I know about time dialation, length contraction, and mass increase as you approach the speed of light. My question is: since your mass increases as you approach the speed of light, would that also translate into a gravatational increase as well? Because if it would, wouldn't it be possible to theoretically travel fast enough that your mass would increase to the point where the spaceship would collapse into a black hole? - AstroWannabe

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2005-Sep-07, 11:21 PM
I asked that question when I was a grad student studying relativity, in the 70's. I was told that we need a quantum theory of gravity.

GR depends on the equivalence principle, it could not survive with out it.
Thus if inertial mass increases so should g mass. But there are obvious contadictions. Such as for one observer a mass is a black hole and to another observer it is not.

I have never taken the time to actually figure it out.