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2005-Sep-08, 03:01 AM
SUMMARY: Tonight's the night when the Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak of 60 meteors/hour, and if we're lucky, a new filament of material from Comet Swift-Tuttle will give the event and extra boost. One way to make the moment last is to capture images of meteors with your camera; but, it's as hard as it sounds. First, you want to have the darkest skies you can find, and don't start until after 9:00pm. Use a standard 35 mm camera secured to a tripod, and use very fast film: ISO 400, 800 or 1,000 is recommended. Pick and area of sky, focus on infinity, and then start your camera's exposure, and then stop when a meteor streaks through the area. Don't be afraid to experiment.

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