View Full Version : Atlas III Launches MBSAT Satellite

2005-Sep-08, 04:28 AM
SUMMARY: A Lockheed Martin-built Atlas III rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral on Saturday, lofting the MBSAT communications satellite into orbit - the rocket lifted off at 0540 UTC (12:40am EST). MBSAT will provide a range of telecommunications services to countries in Asia. This was the second Atlas flight this year, and 70th consecutive success for the family of rockets.

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2005-Sep-08, 05:09 PM
Atlas III is extinct now. It used the two nozzle RD-180 (basically a four-nozzle RD-170 Zenit/Energiya strap-on engine cut in half). The Atlas III kept the old 'balloon' tanks--but no longer had the sustainer/thrust ring combo--with RD-180 in its place.

Atlas V pretty much all that there is. Witht he last Titan IV launch coming up--Lockheed-Martin will have no way to launch 20 tons to LEO (No Atlas V 'heavy' like the Delta IV 'heavy').

LockMart must rely on the Soviet Proton thru ILS for such loads--or Delta IV thru ULA.