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Ola D.
2005-Sep-08, 11:45 AM
Hello people of BAUT!!

This week we'll be organising a Q&A session with an expert YOU choose.

As we previously used to do in UT, I'd contact an expert from the space/astronomy field and you ask your questions. Then, we submit the final questions to the expert and get them answered exclusively by him. And the Q&A will be published in the newsletter.

So, who'd u like to be the victim of the week? Give me your suggestions! ;-)

- Ola

2005-Sep-08, 04:06 PM
Ooo, nice. How about Neil Tyson?

The Supreme Canuck
2005-Sep-08, 04:55 PM
Michael Griffin would be nice.

2005-Sep-08, 08:36 PM
Max Tegmark.

2005-Sep-08, 08:50 PM
Volker Springel (an expert in computer simulations of the evolution of the Universe)

2005-Sep-09, 03:09 AM
Phil plait? ;)

Kaptain K
2005-Sep-09, 05:22 AM
...get them answered exclusively by him...
or her?

Ola D.
2005-Sep-09, 10:26 AM
or her?

Yes of course, him or her.. ;) Keep them coming!

2005-Sep-09, 11:28 AM
Frank Drake? I'd love to find out his views on the possibility of life on other planets now that dozens of extra-terrestrial planets have been discovered.

2005-Sep-09, 11:43 AM
Carolyn Porco (http://ciclops.org/index.php?flash=1). I'd love to hear about the latest in Cassini imaging from one of my favorite people! :)

2005-Sep-10, 12:41 AM
Michelle Thaller? :)

2005-Sep-10, 01:14 AM
Brian Greene!

2005-Sep-10, 01:46 AM
Yes of course, him or her.. ;) Keep them coming!
In that Case ...

Jill Tarter

The Inspiration for Ellie Arroway, in The Book/Movie Contact.


2005-Sep-10, 05:26 PM
Someone involved with the Mars rovers would be nice at some point.

2005-Sep-13, 05:40 AM
Almost Forgot:

Seth Shostak!!!!

Oh, HOW, Could I?


Ola D.
2005-Sep-13, 11:13 PM
Almost Forgot:

Seth Shostak!!!!

Oh, HOW, Could I?

Hi ZaphodBeeblebrox,

We've actually done a session with Seth previously ;)
Here's the link: http://www.universetoday.com/am/publish/seth_shostak_answers_seti.html

2005-Sep-18, 08:57 AM
pat robertson(ha ha!)

2005-Sep-22, 06:48 AM
Buzz Aldrin

2005-Sep-22, 05:57 PM
Someone involved with the Mars rovers would be nice at some point.

I could probably talk to Jim Bell or (if I can find him) Steve Squyres if need be.

2005-Sep-23, 08:45 AM
There are simply too many to choose from ...
Which probably translates to "it doesn't matter who you can pin down ... if the scientist has any cred ... we'll most likely have the questions/suggestions and accolades to throw!"

Sorry I missed the Seth session ...

Carolyn Porco, Steve Squyres, David Levy, and the hundred names which escape me right now (and will pop into my head at some completely irrelevent moment about 3 days from now...)