View Full Version : Worldwide Pollution Levels Seen From Space

2005-Sep-08, 01:36 PM
SUMMARY: After 18 months of observations by the Envisat Earth monitoring satellite, the European Space Agency has produced a detailed image of the entire Earth that shows nitrogen dioxide pollution. Nitrogen dioxide is generally a man-made gas - produced in power plants, heavy industry, and burning - which can cause lung disease and respiratory problems. Previous maps like this have been made, but this image is at a resolution of 60 x 30 km (37 x 19 miles), so scientist can pick out individual cities which are a source of pollution.

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Captain Kidd
2005-Sep-08, 01:59 PM
And yet China is exempt from the Kyoto Protocol...

2005-Sep-08, 02:19 PM
I am surprised that South Africa features so prominently on that image; similarly the emissions around India and Eastern Europe are more diffuse than I would have expected.