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2005-Sep-09, 10:36 AM
SUMMARY: Greetings, fellow Skywatchers! As we start the week off with a "Snow Moon", we'll enjoy its bright features as we wait for its later rise and become more Sirius. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore as we look into the M79 and the M35. As Leo "the Lion", swallows bright Selene leaving us with earlier dark skies, it will be our pleasure to sail along on the fantastic Orion Nebula and journey to the very edge of our own galaxy as we hunt down the "Intergalactic Wanderer." For many of us who are tired of the winter weather, there will be no shortage of smiles as we capture the "Eskimo Nebula"! As always, there are plenty of things to see and learn about, so open your eyes to the skies...

Because here's what's up!

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