View Full Version : Book Review: Mars: A Warmer Wetter Planet

2005-Sep-09, 05:04 PM
SUMMARY: At a traditional wedding, the bride, well hidden by a veil, gracefully walks up the aisle. At the appropriate moment, the groom gently moves the veil aside so all can share in the wondrous visage of his new bride. Jeffrey Kargel provides the same service for us in his book, Mars: A Warmer Wetter Planet as he draws away the veil of mystery surrounding Mars to show us the red planet's intriguing visage. Not only does he provide a detailed analysis of shapes and features, but he also provides a description of how these likely came into being. Considering that Mars and Earth have been dancing together in their orbits for so long, it is about time that we have a book like this to get to know more of our partner.

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