View Full Version : Artificial Meat Could Be Grown on a Large Scale

2005-Sep-09, 11:42 PM
SUMMARY: Scientists at the University of Maryland think that large quantities of artificial meat could be produced to supply the world with animal-free meat products, like chickenless nuggets. This is based on experiments for NASA, that created small amounts of muscle fibre cultured from single cells. According to the researchers, larger quantities could be grown in thin sheets and then stacked up to create thickness. Of course, they need to figure out a way to exercise it to make it taste like regular meat.

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Roy Caswell
2005-Nov-11, 02:07 PM
Obviously cows and sheep build up their bodies and get their energy from the grass they eat. I am curious to know the basis for artificial meat production. Obviously there would have to be a link back to the sun. Does anyone know anything about this?

2005-Nov-11, 06:11 PM
And what about other processes in the body. My guess would be that other organs produce different tastes that are carried in the bloodstream. And that this combination is what gives the flavor.
My guess is that it would be bland, like all meat today. (Have you ever tried to make real chicken soup lately?) And, no adding huge amounts of phosphates do not help, and may actually cause harm to the human body.