View Full Version : NASA Considers Risking Rover on Dangerous Descent

2005-Sep-11, 05:49 AM
SUMMARY: NASA is currently making a difficult decision about whether to send its Opportunity rover down into Endurance Crater, which is 130 metres wide, and deep enough that the rover might not be able to climb back out. It's clear that there's some interesting science to be gathered in the crater, including more exposed rock surfaces. Opportunity will crawl around the rim of the crater and search for an ideal ramp that it could use to enter and exit safely.

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2005-Sep-11, 05:52 AM
that story is dated May 7, 04. a year and a half ago. the rover went in about that time, and climbed back out like a year ago. or something like that.
but, anyways, it went in, crawled around a bit and looked at stuff, then crawled out, looked at it's descent heat shield a little ways away, and later got stuck in a foot high sand dune.