View Full Version : Rocket simulation at Air & Space Museum

2003-Jan-03, 05:06 PM
While at the Air and Space museum in June I was using an interactive exhibit, the goal of which was to create a rocket with the highest launch altitude possible. I had noticed this at previous visits to the museum and enjoyed using it but never was able to spend as much time with it as I would have liked.

I tried to find more information after I got back from the trip but didn't turn up anything. I have since forgotten both the program and author's name. I could not find any information about the exhibit on the Smithsonian web site. I seem to remember that it was one of several computer simulations that were developed as part of a contest a long time ago.

I was hoping someone here might be familiar with this or be able to point me in the right direction.

Thanks for your help.

2003-Jan-04, 01:49 AM
Is this it: