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2005-Sep-11, 10:25 PM
SUMMARY: I just wanted to take a moment and publicly thank the hardworking people on the Universe Today forum. You nagged me to build it in the first place, and have helped build it into a thriving community of over 3,500 people. Thanks to the moderators: antoniseb, Dave Mitsky, Duane, galaxygirl, Josh, kashi, matthew, Planetwatcher, and Tinaa. They've been working behind the scenes to enforce the forum rules.

Some of you have also noticed that I've added a new group to the forum, the Community Support Team: bossman20081, Ola D., Rigel, StarLab, TheThorn, and zephyr46. They've volunteered to help out the community, reach out to industry experts, and make the forum as useful as possible. Expect to see lots more about them in the future.

And finally, thanks to the other 3300ish people who have been participating in the various discussions. :-)

If you haven't already, check out the Forum. Introduce yourself, and get involved in conversations that interest you.

We'll see you there.

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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