View Full Version : Exotic Life Could Survive on Titan

2005-Sep-12, 05:44 PM
SUMMARY: Saturn's moon Titan has long held a special fascination to astrobiologists. Its thick atmosphere is largely composed of nitrogen and organic molecules which are the building blocks of life. At a frigid -178 C (-289 F), however, it's much too cold to support life. But there could be some habitable locations on Titan, you just have to look carefully. Methane clouds around Titan indicate that it probably has an active cycle similar to the water cycle here on Earth. There could be areas where get warm enough on Titan for life to gain a foothold.

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2005-Sep-13, 02:57 PM
There are so many possibilities for life in our solar system, that is exciting stuff. I personally think scientists are assuming that life cannot be supported in -178 C temperatures, but you know we dont have temperatures like that on earth so maybe theres some for of life we dont know about that can withstand those temperatures.