View Full Version : holy cow, have a look at the latest from Hubble (Jan.7/2003)

Spaceman Spiff
2003-Jan-08, 01:06 AM

John Kierein
2003-Jan-08, 01:45 AM
ACS built by the company I worked for. Spirals exist all the way as deepas we can see.

Spaceman Spiff
2003-Jan-08, 03:21 AM
No, no one is saying that we observe spirals as deep as we can see. If NGST or other scopes find this


complete with stellar populations ranging from 1 million to 13 billion years old at redshifts of 7, then I would suspect something has gone awry. But contrary to your stubborn yet unsubstantiated claims, nothing of the sort is yet known to exist.

Anyhow, let's for the moment put aside this "quibbling" and just gaze at the enormity of the physical information present in such a beautiful image.