View Full Version : Russia Cancels Olsen's Trip to Space

2005-Sep-13, 07:59 AM
SUMMARY: Although he was scheduled to become the third privately funded person to fly to the International Space Station, Gregory Olsen appears to have had his wings clipped. Officials from the Russian Space Agency said today that Olsen has been dropped from the program because of health concerns. This is unusual, because Olsen has already been training at Moscow's Star City for several months, and has already undergone many health tests. Olsen, the founder of Sensors Unlimited in New Jersey had been planning to perform some experiments while on board the station.

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Launch window
2005-Sep-13, 08:03 AM
seems the Russians first didn't want to risk the journey with this old guy

or will he be going to Space afterall ?

it may have been a language rather than age problem
"Olsen's command of Russian leaves much to be desired," Korzun said, adding MacArthur and Tokarev, both of whom speak English, will help Olsen communicate with the Mission Control if necessary.