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2005-Sep-13, 12:14 PM
SUMMARY: When President Bush announced his new space exploration plan earlier this year, he tasked a special committee to figure out the best way to implement. After several months of research, including public forums and feedback from a wide range of space experts, the committee has released its findings in a 64-page document. The report contains eight findings and fourteen recommendations on how to implement the vision, which emphasizes the importance of a vibrant space exploration industry.

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2005-Sep-13, 02:04 PM
The concepts suggested are administratively sound but technically nowhere near sufficiently robust. Launching ourselves into serious space exploration within and without the solar system requires a level of robustness far beyond the vision implied in the summary. The rank and file members of each nation need to understand how essential for our survival space exploration is as well as how difficult it is. Otherwise, they won't support the implementing of a sufficiently robust system and the associated expensive effort.