View Full Version : sunspots ok last post hehe

2005-Sep-15, 05:42 AM
heres a few more pics of the sun and some sunspots

2005-Sep-15, 05:45 AM
I was looking at the last picture and noticed that off to the side was some sort of vortical structure. "what the hell is that?" I wondered ... it was dust on my monitor .. ahh well.

Anyway. These are really some great shots. where? when? filter? no need to stop! the more the merrier!

2005-Sep-15, 05:49 AM
i been at it for like an hrs hehe i have lots of pics alot of them i have to prosess am using paint shop pro and man that think works wonders on pics,, gets rid of noise and lots of kewl options

oh what pic were you talking about the venus one?>

2005-Sep-15, 05:50 AM
No. the last sun spot one. I have sinced cleaned the monitor.

2005-Sep-15, 05:57 AM
hehe oh ok,,