View Full Version : Are We Safe from Gamma Ray Bursts?

2005-Sep-17, 06:36 AM
SUMMARY: Gamma ray bursts (or GRBs) are the most powerful known explosions in the Universe. Although astronomers aren't exactly sure what causes them, they're somehow linked to supernovae explosions - it could be the formation of a black hole after the supernova explodes. When a GRB goes off, it funnels a tremendous amount of energy into two lighthouse-like beams that would probably vaporize anything out to 200 light-years away. Fortunately there aren't any stars in our galactic neighborhood that has the potential to explode as a supernova, so we're probably safe from such an event, but astronomers will keep looking… just to be sure.

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2005-Sep-17, 09:07 AM
What about Sirius, Vega and Betelgeuse?