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2005-Sep-17, 06:54 AM
Spoilers follow.

Okay, this is broadcast TV, primetime stuff. One should not expect too much. I had no real intention of watching the season opener in the first place, but was caught home with the sniffles, and...

Flashes of intelligence here and there. Some ideas that could have been very intriguing, if the story conference had only gone on a little longer -- and if Brannon Braga had been barred from the room!

I swear...I had the very strong feeling at several places in the story that the writers had a strong idea of where they wanted to be. And they managed to communicate some of it to the design staff (let us pass lightly over some of the visualizations). And at some point, possibly in the middle of watching the returns, or looking over the shoulders of the Max programmers as they got their tripartite flocking algorithm rolling, I can clearly visualize Brannon Braga: jumping in with a "Put more of that in. No, I don't care if it makes sense. It looks cool and I want more of it!"

I was in two minds on the Teller comment. Yeah, it's a cute bit of trivia. But the story was misleading. As I understand it another scientist in the project came up with the "igniting atmosphere" idea and it took maybe an evening or two of calculations to disprove it. By the time the plunger was pressed on Trinity it had become more of a private joke between some of the scientists involved. (I have a vague memory of Teller, in fact, putting down some money as a side-bet. Lame humor, maybe...but in my mind it's a better story.)

And the same through the script. The smartness of the "invasion" idea (I would have liked for them to take the chance to make fun of War of the Worlds for doing things the hard way). Followed by leaps of logic that would shame the 1960's Batman "solving" the Riddler's latest taunting clue. A mathematical description of DNA? A three-way "spiral" (shouldn't that be a braid, or a 4d shape, not a lame spiral ladder with a center shaft?) How the heck _did_ he get from A to B on that one? I'm not sure even the writers knew.

And for all the Threshold Protocol they keep quoting, it's hard to believe anyone here actually worked out what not to do. The spook with the model's face should be truly ashamed -- how does a trained military person with a rifle manage to get within grabbing range of a dangerous suspect of unknown ability? If after that episode he had been shaking his head in chagrin at his own lapse I would have been much more accepting of his character and the situation. And who the heck thought of putting their "Red Team" back into the civilian population? Are they _insane?_ Please, someone get General Hammond to take over before we all get killed.

And if we're really lucky his first order will be to send B.B. somewhere far away.

2005-Sep-17, 03:41 PM
Gah. I didn't know he was in charge of this show. I was really wanting to see the pilot, based on some previews I heard of... but it doesn't sound good now. :(

2005-Sep-17, 03:50 PM
Greeings. You can vent your spleen about B.B. here:


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2005-Sep-18, 04:39 AM

captain swoop
2005-Sep-19, 09:01 AM
What's BB?

2005-Sep-19, 10:23 AM
What's BB?

Not, apparently, Big Brother - which had been my assumption.

2005-Sep-19, 12:53 PM
What's BB?

Brannon Braga, one of the idiots who was responsible for screwing up Enterprise so badly. The only reason the fourth season wasn't as bad as the first 2 was because Braga took a break and did basically nothing on the fourth season (cept the final episode, which was terrible).

2005-Sep-20, 06:06 AM
I think most people blame Brannon Braga for destroying any Star Trek that he puts his grubby little fingers on, not just Enterprise. He managed to effectively kill Voyager. It was pretty decent until Jeri Taylor left and put the boys in charge giving us 4 season of a blonde in a cat suit strutting around solving/causing all the problems. Not that I'm bitter about it at all! :-)
He and Rick Berman are sometimes collectively referred to as "Bermaga" seeing as they both contribute to the suckiness that is now ST.
I can't believe that someone gave him money to make another show. The only reason that Enterprise lasted as long as it did is was because it was ST, anything else and it would have been cancelled long before.