View Full Version : The Wild Blue Yonder

2005-Sep-17, 07:14 PM
OK. This was a Werner Herzog movie; I expected it to be bonkers. And indeed it was, what with Brad Dourif as an exiled alien from the Andromeda galaxy complaining about his race's failure to build a decent shopping mall on Earth. But there was one bit I really could use some help on. I have no idea if it is a genuine scientific theory or simply pseudoscientific weirdness. Like "What the Bleep", this movie shifts from a drama to a documentary of sorts with a series of talking heads explaining about space exploration. One of these talking heads made the claim that the solar system is riddled with "gravitational tunnels" that will allow space probes to travel to distant regions of space far more quickly than current propulsion methods. Has anyone heard of this?

Donnie B.
2005-Sep-17, 08:50 PM
I would have to say that this is entirely science fiction, not fact -- at least as far as we know or can anticipate.

No doubt it was convenient for the plot of the movie, however. :whistle: