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2005-Sep-19, 08:09 AM
SUMMARY: Astronomers have known for a while that solar activity cycles over a period of 11 years. At the height, solar flares erupt from the surface of the sun almost every day, and the Earth is bombarded by coronal mass ejections. The most recent Solar Max crested in 2000, but after settling down only briefly, the Sun has roared back again with nearly the same level of activity. It's even brighter in the radio spectrum. This double peak happened during the last Solar Max as well, back in 1989.

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2005-Sep-19, 08:22 AM
Why are you posting a lot of links to articles from 2003?

2005-Sep-19, 08:53 AM
I believe Fraser explained that after the merger of BA and UT, there was some problem with the posts in this thread (probably the links), so he is reposting them all.

2005-Sep-19, 05:26 PM
Exactly. I need to generate new connections between Universe Today and the BAUT forum. The old connections were broken. I'll try and merge the versions once this is complete, which shouldn't take too long.

2005-Sep-19, 05:29 PM
I missed that post as I use the "new posts" feature rather than the hierarchical view.