View Full Version : Titan Could Help the Study of Oceanography

2005-Sep-19, 05:25 PM
SUMMARY: According to researcher Ralph Lorenz, Saturn's moon Titan could help teach scientists about how oceans and weather work on the Earth. Titan is thought to have oceans of liquid methane, but they are created under a completely different environment from our own familiar oceans. When Cassini and the Huygens probe arrive at the Saturn system in 2004, they will begin gathering data about Titan and its oceans and weather, and help answer questions like: how deep are its oceans? do they form steep cliffs or shallow beaches? and what effect does Saturn's huge gravity have?

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2005-Sep-20, 07:00 PM
Sometimes it's real fun to read these older articles, it just shows that you can't really do science from you armchair, the way Eddington advocated.