View Full Version : Mars and my first volcanoes! 19th Sep

2005-Sep-19, 10:24 PM
Hi guys.

Thanks to my backyard trees, I'm having to get up earlier and earlier to image Mars in the north before it gets obscured my the trees. It's now so early than I can go back to bed after i'm done! :)

I got up at 2:20am yesterday to catch Mars, and while the jetstream maps weren't favourable, I find that between 2am-4am the seeing can be quite steady, regardless of what the jetstream maps show.

It was pretty good yesterday, about 7/10, and I was finally able to image a face of Mars I haven't seen before - the side with Mare Sirenum and Olympus Mons!

I also captured one avi with the IR-blocking filter removed, but the colour balance just wouldn't correct itself and the image is very washed out, and there doesn't appear to be as many details.. so I'm fairly convinced that an IR blocking filter is useful on Mars.

Anyway below you can see the best from the morning, comments welcomed.

Each image was stacked (about 300 frames) and wavelets processed in registax, and then deconvolution processing in AstraImage. Final composite in Photoshop.

2005-Sep-20, 12:15 AM
Very nice and interesting image......


2005-Sep-20, 03:53 PM
Iceman those are nice shots.......you are blessed with good seeing......hopefully we get some around here soon.
Best Regards,

2005-Sep-20, 08:35 PM
Thanks for the comments!

Big Brother Dunk
2005-Sep-21, 01:31 AM
Whoa! Awesome shots.

Hopefully it'll clear up here and we can get some good viewing.

2005-Sep-21, 02:14 AM
Very nice indeed, Iceman, & enjoyed your website too.

2005-Sep-21, 02:44 AM
Thanks Lizzie, another Aussie! You should pop by the forums and say g'day!

Eric Vaxxine
2005-Sep-21, 12:57 PM
Excellent....any Saturn shots? ( point me backwards if necessary)

2005-Sep-21, 08:28 PM
Not yet - back at last Saturn opposition I was only just into imaging and I was imaging with a dob without tracking, so my results aren't very good.
I'm looking forward to the upcoming Saturn opposition because my results will be far far better.

Here's my best pic of Jupiter taken during the latest opposition, on the 3rd June. It was taken with a ToUcam on my 10" dob (no tracking!).