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2005-Sep-22, 07:07 AM

Basically an update to world of warcraft had a bug in it. The end result is a pluge spreading therough the WoW servers, killing player characters as it encounters them. Added to its progress are failed attampets at quarantine, and people trying to spread it.

The most interesting thing about this "outbreak" is perhaps the reaction it has provoked among WoW players. Instead of being angry about the deleterious effects of a bug, many are treating this as an exciting and unprecedented event in the WoW universe. It would be even more interesting if epidemiologists in the real world found that this event was worthy of studying as a kind of controlled experiment in disease propagation.

2005-Sep-22, 11:07 AM
I must admit that is rather cool, the biggest problem I can see with it is the fact that it won't mimic the real world, so traditional methods won't work as well. People with the disease won't have any sense of protecting others, most people on MMORPGs like PKing, what better way to do it then by 'accidentally' infecting others? People log on and off etc. There really isn't any way of stopping it that doesn't ruin the fun for the non-infected, and as it's hardly their fault I think Blizzard is in a bit of a bind until they can patch it away completely.

2005-Sep-22, 12:08 PM
Reminds me of an incident back when I was admin on the Discworld MUD, when someone had coded a new disease1, and due to a bug2 everyone got fleas, and infected each other and all the NPC's faster than anyone could cure it.
I would guess they tried to add diseases to the game an got it wrong:)

1. the MUD has a fairly complete disease system, including infection methods and cures.
2. It's a difficult pun to avoid. :)

2005-Sep-22, 05:03 PM
I wonder if this was really a 'bug' after all.