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2005-Sep-22, 02:27 PM
This may be old news to some, but I just learned last night that David Jackson (Gan on Blake's Seven) died on Monday, July 25.

I used to run a fan club for Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane on Doctor Who). David helped Lis get discovered back when she was a young actress performing on stage in the English Midlands, and they have been good friends ever since. He was one of the most supportive celebrities toward my club, finding time for an interview with me during a US convention he was attending (not to talk about himself but about her!), and coming in to central London to buy me a drink at a pub when I was over there, the day before he was leaving on holiday with his family.

At that same US convention, I remember him almost single-handedly rescuing the variety show. Most of the guests declined to perform despite their contractual obligation to do so. David made up for it by performing several skits (and singing in one of them!). I also remember him staying at the post-convention party for convention staffers until the last volunteer had left.

I've met numerous celebrities as a sci-fi fan, and David was definitely among the most kind, gracious, and unassuming ones of them all.

2005-Sep-22, 08:27 PM
Sad. Here's a link to his IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0413417/


captain swoop
2005-Sep-23, 10:58 AM
Sarah Jane and K-9 are in one of the episodes of the next Dr Who series to be shown next year.