View Full Version : Local Galactic Dust is on the Rise

2005-Sep-23, 07:55 AM
SUMMARY: New observations from the European Space Agency's Ulysses spacecraft show that galactic dust in the Milky Way is passing through our solar system more than normal. The Sun's magnetic field normally forms a barrier around our solar system that forces dust to go around us, but the Sun has reached the high point of its 11-year cycle, and the magnetic field is highly disordered - so the interstellar dust is coming through the solar system more directly. Although it has no direct effects on the planets, the dust impacts asteroids and comets producing more fragments, and may increase the amount of material that rains down on the Earth.

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2005-Sep-23, 01:21 PM
I like the trend. Maybe it will increase enough to supply propellant material for my robust interstellar transportation system. Could it reflect enough of the sun's energy back to the sun to cause it to heat up (thereby delivering more energy to the solar planets) and/or alter the sun's 11 year sunspot cycle thus contributing to Earth's global warming?

2005-Sep-23, 01:25 PM
What do you think about this story?

I need to get the hoover out :eek: